Tom MoyseDoes rollerblading need new pro skaters?
from Tom Moyse on 8 Oct 2023

Why do the same rollerbladers keep getting pro skates? Why does rollerblading give pro models to people that don’t even skate anymore. Are brands getting it wrong when it comes to investing in the younger generations. What does this mean for the future of rollerblading?We are going to look at why brands take this strategy, what young pros have skates and what it all means for skating. Roughly, in the last 4 to 5 years, less than 20% of pro skates went to rollerbladers around their mid 20s or younger. Doe rollerblading have a problem, what will the next 5 to 10 years look like. We’ve had pros skaters like Chris Farmer, Alex Broskow, Sean and Colin Kelso for a long time now but they continue to put out top level, inspiring content. We have name like Nick Lomax, Sam Crofts and Eugen Enin who have had multiple pro skates, but they still deserve it. Is there space for the new generation and who will inspire younger skaters? Dom Bruce, Ilia Savosin, Marius Gaile and Michael Witzemann are all around their mid 20s and younger. They are the youth pros of rollerblading and have pro model skates. It looks like soon Martin Danning and Levi Van Rijn of Mesmer will be joining this group. But this only make up a tiny number in the pro category. What young skater deserves to be made pro.Or is it about a changing of the guard and better representation. Could Yandriel and Danny Malm get a skate? What about Chihiro Azuma or Chynna Weierstall? Fabiola is and old skater but apparently she will soon be getting a pro skate with bladies. This channel can only keep going with you support and i’m really grateful for it. You can help the following ways:Become a member: Merchandise: donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Why do the same Rollerbladers keep getting pro skates?00:30 Rollerbladers love nostalgia 01:13 How content has changed over the years in rollerblading02:28 Skaters were idolised in the 90 and 2000s03:11 the average age of rollerbladers in 2023 and why we have nostalgic skate releases 03:59 Why not give a pro skate to the newer generation? The era of remakes, reboots and rematches04:36 Brands want the safe choice. Is rollerblading extra risky?05:36 Current young pro skaters with skates: Marius Gaile, Dominic Bruce, Michael Witzemann and Ilia Savosin 06:10 More young pros on the way with Mesmer07:03 The reality of being Pro07:36 Does rollerblading need a changing of the guard?08:08 why you buy rollerblades08:52 Why the same names keep getting pro skates – 09:33 Should old pro rollerblades step-aside – Derek Henderson Razors Skates10:04 Can anyone get a pro skate11:01 What did young people start rollerblading 11:38 Pro status is the biggest compliment 12:15 What I hope brands are doing for the future generations NYC MetroCard Classic: