Episode 5 – Snippets of a Blading Life (Gaets Krop)

Gaets KropEpisode 5 – Snippets of a Blading Life
from Gaets Krop on 22 Oct 2019

This video is just an edit I initially began for Unlabelled to show all the best clips I shot during my « carrer » of videographer in the skating industry but I didn’t want to limit myself with all the industry stuffs because I just felt like I could do something to thank all the people who inspired me until now. It doesn’t mean that everyone is in the video, far from it, and I had to swap some clips that were my favourite for personal reasons. But anyone in this video inspired me or motivated me, has tried by a way or another to push me out of my comfort zone or was there when I needed it the most. So please have the pleasure to watch a part of those who are part of my lifetime on this earth. Time passes by quickly, I just turned 38 and I never felt so much the need to thank everyone for their presence and all the moments we shared. I truly believe that the best is yet to come, I sacrificed a lot of sessions to arrive where I am and if I can really share one advice with the younger ones it would be to not wait for anything or anyone, shine by yourself and one day, one by one, people you need will show up and you need nothing else than yourself and the essentials to live a full filling life. I could have called that edit the 2.09€ video but « Snippets of a blading life » seems more cinematic #bladeordie

Riders in order of appearance : Paquito Bartiaux, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Stephane Mosselmans, Tais Colares, Stephane Alfano, Kayla Carmichael, Alex Nunes, Sacha Lopez, Nicolas Servy, Jeremy Melique, Gregory Defreyne, Rosie O’Donogue, Xavi Eguino, Jeremy Suarez, Dexter, Gaets Krop, Precilia Verdier, Roman Abrate, Lisa-Mary Authié, Amir Zemmour, Danny Guerrero, Sara Vilella, Oly Blanco, Emi Parejo, Janna Scheerlinck, Mery Munoz, Annie Nole, Michel Prado, Laurent Dos Santos

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