Baloo With WheelsFINAL THOUGHTS ON MY ANTI ROCKER SETUP // Blading Diaries 029
from Baloo With Wheels on 6 Apr 2021

Whats up YouTube! I am back this week with my final thoughts on skating an anti-rocker setup.After a few sessions of skating my Aeons as an anti-rocker setup, I wanted to share my thoughts on this and whether I will continue to skate anti-rocker. I hope you enjoy Hit that subscribe button and follow my channel and like my videos, it means the world!Come and connect with me on my Instagram! Skate Gear:USD Aeon 60 LEPowerslide Zoom 80 Pro Ennui Allround BraceEnnui Park Shin GuardsTriple Eight BrainsaverMy camera gear:Sony a6400Sigma 56mm 1.4 RDE VideoMic GoPro Hero 4 SessionSmatree GoPro StickHere on my YouTube channel you will find stories from my life skating and having fun in a fine city!