from Jo Zenk on 6 Jun 2023

FOMO – a rollerblading video produced by Denz BTK & Jo Zenk in NRW, Germany. featuring Ranga Singh, Harry Can, Daniel Koopman & Jo Zenk filmed & edited by Deniz BTK grading by Jo Harry, Jo & Ranga spent a week visiting Deniz using his place as a base to sesh Ruhrpott area during summer. Koopman joined in on his free days. follow on social media: SUBSCRIBE for more and leave some comments, thumbs, shares if you want to support.Thank you for watching.Disclaimer:skate at your own risk, choose helmet if you want to eliminate as much risk as possible.accidents happen, sometimes due to bad material, Jo skated a worn down prototype wheel he tested for a foreign supplier that didn’t survive the impact. Fortunately Jo came out of this unscathered. If you want high quality material, protection or else you’ll find all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 to support Jo with 10% of your purchase.Thank You 🙂 if you want to support further check out: simply binge watch our videos from start to end :)#rollerblading #jozenk #inlineskating