Brandon DrummondFRAME MOLDS RUINED! Roces Rockey Future, Them Skates x Abibas, Echo Verve and more Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 8 Jun 2024

Create Original’s OG Frame mold gets damaged, meaning they may be lost forever. Roce’s new owners fire their team manger. Nils Jansons rebrands to Magic Boots, deleting the majority of his vidoes. Them skates teases a new skate, is it a collab with Abibas? This and much more agressive inline skating news.Intro 0:00 Originals Frame Molds Ruined 1:06 Fires Team Manger 4:10Nils Jansons Rebrand 6:49 Them Skates 9:02–FEVld8I49jhMOther New Skates 11:41Razor SL Sky Cords Size Request x Laced Laces Gawds Skates Edit Verve Skates Camo Skate Parts & Wheels 19:00Gemini Skate Frames Jacob Video Nomad Liner Memory Buckle Jumper Wheels Becci Wheels You Should Watch 23:56 Segment 26:43More of my stuffTwitch: Patreon: Exclusive Videos: Instagram: Laced NZ – My Merch: TOP SECRET DISCORD, TikTok, Twitter, Subreddit & more #aggressiverollerblading #inlineskating