Fritz & Glow invade Europe Pt. 4 – Hedonskate

Josh  GlowickiFritz & Glow invade Europe Pt. 4 – Hedonskate
from Josh Glowicki on 31 Jul 2011

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Sorry the delay in releasing this edit! Fritz and i have been living in tents for over a month so editing and technology in general, has not been very possible. but with out furthur delay heres, F&G Part 4;
This time we are in Poland blading and chilling with the Hedonskate crew! These dudes are really the best at what they do! if you dont know or haven’t checked out hedonskate yet make sure you do! Green is better.

Part 5 we will be in Russia and will be featuring Piotrek combrzynski, Alex Burston and Nick Lomax! keep a look out for it, should be dropping pretty soon

Filmed on a 5d and 7d and 550d.

Filmed by Fritz Peitzner, Radek Kojtych, Madej and Josh Glowicki

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