from HAUNTED on 16 Jan 2014

Featuring Chris Couture, Matt Oz, and Russel Day
Filmed by Chris Couture, Matt Oz, and Russel Day
Chopped and Screwed by Brad and Matt Oz
Filmed on a shitty ass IPhone 4, GoPro 2, and one clip from Russel Day’s Canon DSLR

The ole lady and I decided to bail on Michigan winter, and go visit my long time blader homie, Chris “Cootchi Mane” Couture, and his gal in San Diego, to soak in some much needed rays. We snuck in 3 days of blading, riding Dumb and Dumber style on his moped around town in search of the California dream. We may have found it, but forgot after a couple of bong rips, or like thirty bong rips. Either way, my bro and I managed to whip up this rad lil edit. Check her out. And Fuck Winter.


Check out the new Mikey Blair Pro Wheel Edit and Winter line at the Motor Town Classic Tradeshow Febuary 28th

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