Back to BladingGawds Tim Franken Aggressive Inline Skate // Review
from Back to Blading on 16 Jan 2022

These are the Gawds Tim Franken skates. They retail for around $350 US. They’re based on the USD VII, a classic hard shell boot from USD. They come with MyFit Prime liners, Kizer Fluid IV frames and Gawds 60mm wheels antirocker.The boots are a flat design an internal shock absorber. The soul plate comes directly from the USD VII with a wide soul and shallow royale groove.Intro – 0:00First Impressions: Fit – 0:36First Impressions: Grind – 2:56Followups – 6:27Conclusion – 7:12* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: Eric Skiff (