Grindhouse Tour Edit 2009 by Mathias von Gostomski

Maik LojewskiGrindhouse Tour Edit 2009 by Mathias von Gostomski
from Maik Lojewski on 29 Jan 2010

Grindhouse Tour DVD 2009 filmed and edited by: Mathias von Gostomski

The Grindhouse Tour 2009 was huge. You might ask yourself why you didn’t hear about it before. Our team planed the whole trip, just skating and traveling, no meeting points and no schedule.

Daniel Prell, Timm Kittlitz, Kenth Ulvedal, Maik Lojewski, Sacha Lopez, Miro Kolb, Mathias v. Gostomski (filmer), Sascha Krautz (photographer) and Alex Mersdorf (photographer) traveled from frauenfeld, to barcelona, via geneva and montpellier.

Mathias v. Gostomski captured the whole tour and turned it into an amazing dvd.
During the Summer we filmed some more and created a team dvd including profiles of:
Jacob Juul, Daniel Prell, Julien Cudot, Adrien Anne, Avichai Wechsler, Maik Lojewski, and much more. We are going to upload it in some days.

And now, enjoy the grindhouse tour dvd 2009…

make sure you don’t miss the huge gallery by Sascha Krautz right here: !!!

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