BenHighrollaz – Full skate movie
from Ben on 19 Apr 2023

Highrollaz Presents Vert Rollerblading.Released in 2010. Produced by Thumper Nagasako.From the DVD case:Highrollaz is proud to present this DVD. Vert as never showcased before. We’ve compiled the best available vert footage from the past and present. Includes Europe, Japan, Australia, America, England, X Games, Woodward, and ASA events. These unique athletes from all over the world have been achieving new levels in this aspect of rollerblading. Sections from: The Yasutoko brothers, Marco de Santi, Shane Yost, Marc Englehart, and Thumper Nagasako. Also featuring: Nel Martin, Ayumi Kawasaki, Sven Boekhorst, Borja Fernandez, Fabiola Da Silva, Cesar Andrade, and more. With cameos from Chris Haffey and Chris Edwards.