Flower She RollsHow to FLY! How to skate a launch box. Let go!
from Flower She Rolls on 11 Aug 2022

Launch boxes are the best feeling. There is so much freedom and creativity to be done over these magical boxes. Start small and learn how to best pop over the box. Feel your body in the air to become familiar with air awareness. The fun truly starts here! I am sooooo looking forward to teaching YOU spin tricks and flips. And then learning tricks together. Yay! Lets goooo! Fly baby fly!Please subscribe and share these videos with your friends and family. Skating is its own path but the lessons relate to everyday life if you can allow your mind to go there. I really am so fortunate and so grateful to be at this point in my story to share what Ive learned with you. I hope you feel my gratitude for the time we get to share together through the magical portal of the screen. Lets keep it up together- Growing and morphing into our strongest and most powerful selves. Together as one. Love. Light. Truth. Filmed and edited by: IG @manwithpogo-Dalton Smith