How to heat mold carbon Inline skates tutorial (ROEX Roller Outlet – Tienda de Patines)

ROEX Roller Outlet - Tienda de PatinesHow to heat mold carbon Inline skates tutorial
from ROEX Roller Outlet – Tienda de Patines on 14 Dec 2017 – – today we’re going to show you how to heatmold skates. You have to know if your skates are heatmoldable,

For example the Flying Eagle Drift, the Veloce or the Powerslide Hardcore Evo.

So first you take off the plastic parts and the wheels, so the cuff and the midbuckles.

Your skate is then like this.

Make sure your shoelaces are tied to the top, but also nice and loose so you can put your foot in.

Preheat the oven to 85-90 degrees celsius

Open your oven, put the skate in and careful not to touch at the top. It has to be an electric oven, not gas.

Leave the skates in for 10-15 minutes but keep checking. Best to check after 10 minutes, make sure there’s no smoke!

Take the skates out, make sure you don’t burn yourself, especially careful of the metal parts.

Put your feet in, tighten it right to the top. Stand straight, slightly crouched till they cool.

The resin in between the carbon layers will have softened and then hardened to mold to your foot.

If you have worse pressure points, grab a plaster or a paper and fold it, put it inside your sock where there’s a pressure point and repeat the process. You can also hold the paper in place with tape.

The softened resin will shape around the folded item to solve the pressure point. Wait for it to cool, about 15, 20 mins.

It should fit perfectly, so screw it all back together.

If you have any questions let us know in comments.

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