Imagine Blade Shun (Mushroom Blading)

Mushroom BladingImagine Blade Shun
from Mushroom Blading on 22 Jan 2016

Somebody needs to host this as Shop Task and Dustin don’t have it up. The world needs access to this gem.

A video by Dustin Werbeski:

“Simply, it’s a Canadian skate video. Shot in 2009/2010… & is just now being released in 2013. It focuses on the individual perspectives & imaginations of Todd McInerney, Leon Basin & (myself) Dustin Werbeski, along with other creative Canadian friends like Matt Ledoux, Sean Knight, Shaun Unwin, Danny Beer & Josh Silver …just to name a few. Oh, and a couple of international clips donated by Kevin Yee.
Super shortly, it’s a rollerblading video, documenting a few sessions of fun & creativity.”

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