Mike TorresIN THE BIN
from Mike Torres on 15 Nov 2013

A collection of clips from 2009 to 2012, that didn’t make the cut from my last two edits. Either I fell, put my hand down, ran out of room in the edit, had too many tricks on that particular obstacle, didn’t grab, or the trick just wasn’t that good… All reasons to not use these clips in a profile edit, but none of those factors are any reason this footage should remain in the garbage bin until the end of time, because that’s not what’s important. What is important is that this footage takes place in nineteen different cities, and that I shared these experiences with a countless amount of people along the way.

The Puddle Jumpers

Al Dolega
Grant Hazelton
Nate Hall
Rieky Gibson
Tim Adams
Mike Welland
Gabe Holm
Justin Brasco
Dan Bradham
Jason Reyna
Stefan Brandow
David Dodge
Sean Kelso
Mike Torres

Detroit, MI
Syracuse, NY
Irvine, CA
Terrell, TX
Rochester, NY
Omaha, NE
Greenville, SC
Phoenix, AZ
Batesville, AR
Salt Lake City, UT
Tyler, TX
New York, NY
La Plata, MD
Atlanta, GA
El Paso, TX
Dallas, TX
Elmira, NY
Montreal, QC
Philadelphia, PA

Oh, and sorry for yelling at you Tim.

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