Hawke TracklerIt Aint Over Till Its Over (Full video)
from Hawke Trackler on 6 Oct 2023

Full street sections on Happy Tooth, Gus Martin and MyselfFeatured skaters: Kyle Wood, Stefan Brandow, Brian Weis, Luke Naylor, Sam Baker, Vinnie Fox, Reed Huston, Zach Cummins, Matt Plasencia, Jacob Bloom, Troy Cramer, Logan Oleson, Eric Comeras, Brandin Hunter, Eric Michaels, Jake McCauley, Tri Rudolf, Hood Panda(side note)- Damn I cant believe I have filmed and edited another full rollerblading video. This is number 11 to be exact. I am clearly a lifer when it comes to rollerblading and am so grateful to still be able to do a hobby I love doing. I have a big passion for documenting my friends and their skating ever since I was a teenager. Blading is a revolving door with people coming in and going out. This video is a good example of it. That is why this video is titled “It Aint Over Till Its Over” because it truly aint overYou are now watching a Hawke Trackler Film. Enjoy