J O Y (Loïck Even)

Loïck EvenJ O Y
from Loïck Even on 25 Sep 2017


Joy: – uncountable noun – Joy is a feeling of great happiness // Collins Dictionary

Skaters (In Order Of Appearance): Loïck Even, Maxime Munier, Thibaut Maillet, Maxime Buaud, Mathieu Quilici.

Filmed between October 2016 & August 2017.

Filmed & Edited By: Loïck Even

Additional Filming: Maeva Castaing & Maxime Buaud.

Filmed With: Canon GL2 & Century MKII Fisheye.

Music: Boris Dzaneck – Dance // Rodion GA – Misiunea Spatiala Delta OST [Fragment 4 – Tema Personaje]


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