Jelle presents his new crash pants design. // Thisissoul Podcast (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulJelle presents his new crash pants design. // Thisissoul Podcast
from Thisissoul on 13 Oct 2019

Jump to the sections:
1:15 – Jelle and Jaro about their Fise competitions
4:04 – Doing an internship at Powerslide
6:54 – Presenting his Crash pants
22:59 – The history of Jelle’s skates
31:21 – Would Jelle skate anything else?

Nobody goes faster, higher and bigger then Jelle does. Ever since he was a kid, Jelle liked to take his skating skills to the extreme by doing huge transfers, grinds, airs and wallrides. This earned him quite a few medals along the way.

Jelle is a critical thinker and uses this skill now as a product designer. He studied Industrial Design at the Rotterdam University and did an internship at Powerslide to create their latest crash pants.

You can find Jelle at any big contest lacing huge tricks. Follow him on one of his social media channel listed here to the right to keep yourself updated.

Link to his Ennui Crash Pants:

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