Jo Zenk Remz 2014

JoZenkJo Zenk Remz 2014
from JoZenk on 27 Nov 2014

worked hard on this project and since I wasnt really satisfied with my last section for MNSTR BLADE Im glad to finally put out this one. Im going through hard times right now and it means a lot to me to finish the work on this project. This file somehow also means a farewell to my mum since the edit includes shots from the last day I spent with her. God or whatever you want to call the spirit of conciousness which binds all of us, our planet and life in general may bless you all. Peace.

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shot in Münster plus a few clips shot in Cologne, Karlsruhe & Essen.

edited & directed by myself as usual on this account.

filmed by Patrick Smith

additional shots filmed by Benni Petry, Maik Lojewski, Daniel Gourski, Harry Can, Vero, Saw

photography on set: Sebastian Hofer

music: Warpaint – Krimson

with lots of help by the MNSTR squad and everybody that joined the sessions.

thanks Remz & Grindhouse


– – – – – – – – –


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