from Kizer Frames on 31 Oct 2023

In August 2023, a group of individuals with inhuman strength was witnessed causing disturbances in the city of New York.Surveillance footage showed the culprits: They were replicants.Replicants, for those unfamiliar, were originally designed as advanced biomechanical beings, created to perform tasks deemed dangerous for humans. Their AI was sophisticated, but it was believed they lacked the human touch emotions, consciousness, and free will. But the events unfolding in New York suggested otherwiseFeaturing: John Bolino, Eugen Enin & Yuto GutoSUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER!Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest news about Powerslide and its affiliated brands, information about upcoming events, insight into Powerslide tech, our latest products, videos and media.To subscribe, click here: #CYBERZONE