LESSIE 2014 part 1 (Sven Boekhorst)

Sven BoekhorstLESSIE 2014 part 1
from Sven Boekhorst on 29 Jan 2014

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LESSIE (lesson + session = lession)

Lessie is a new learning concept for the more advance skatersto still learn new tricks,
but also learn about filming, music and the whole inline culture. It’s all in the name of having fun. Every week there was a Lessie of two hours in WSC skatepark in Den Bosch, where the kids could skate with their favourite Dutch skaters, which they suggested/choose in the Lessie Facebook group. In this Facebook group we introduced the rider with some online videos. This was a nice way for them to know more about the Rollerblade culture.
Skaters that joined the Lessies were: Dick Heerkens, Bas Berghuis, Joery v/d Pol,

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