Adapt SkatesLET’S SKATE! Custom GTO’s – How’s it going?
from Adapt Skates on 8 Jun 2023

In this episode we check in with Olga to see how the breaking in of the custom GTO’s is going. Create your own custom skates here: new fill up insoles can be found here:’s setup:Custom GTO (plum nubuck)Symetrics Quattro S 80/84Symetrics Superfast 80/84mmwheelsSymetrics 6-ball bearingsChapters:0:00 Intro0:44 Low arch – what to do?01:18 Fill up insoles02:31 What is Olga testing?04:01 How do you see if you need a fill up insole?04:40 Answering viewer question about frame position06:10 Answering viewer question about wheel swapping07:26 Let’s Skate! 08:44 Recap