Adapt SkatesLET’S SKATE! Custom GTO’s – setting up, heatmolding and first session
from Adapt Skates on 11 May 2023

Introducing our new series ‘Let’s Skate!’ in which we will be highlighting an Adapt/Symetrics product in every episode. Details on how to set up skates and hardware, how to heatmold, what to expect will be discussed and you will be taken along with our own experiences when skating.In this first episode Olga is skating a new pair of 2023 custom GTO’s.You can create your own custom pair of Adapt skates here:’s skates are set up with:Symetrics Quattro S80/84 frames: Superfast wheels: 6B bearings: Intro0:18 Unboxing the GTO2:16 Heatmolding4:41 Mounting the Quattro S frames7:43 First session9:45 Downhills11:19 Recap and impressions