Adapt SkatesLET’S SKATE! The Symetrics Quattro R frames – Marathon Training on GTO and Superleggera SP
from Adapt Skates on 25 May 2023

Introducing our new series ‘Let’s Skate!’ in which we will be highlighting an Adapt/Symetrics product in every episode. Details on how to set up skates and hardware, how to heatmold, what to expect will be discussed and you will be taken along with our own experiences when skating.In this episode Pieter, Narek and Olga are skating the Symetrics Quattro R frames, designed for speed, marathon and endurance skating. You can find the Symetrics Quattro R frames here:’s setup:Classic GTO White 2023 with powerstraps and prototype boltprotectorsQuattro R framesMatter Code White 110mm wheelsFF 100mm wheelsSymetrics bearingsNarek’s setup:Superleggera SPQuattro R framesMatter Super Juice 100/110mm wheelsSymetrics 6B bearingsOlga’s setup:Custom GTO 2023 with powerstraps and boltprotectorsQuattro R framesMatter G13/MI3 110/100mm wheelsSymetrics 6B bearingsChapters:0:00 Intro1:53 Explaining how the Quattro R functions3:31 Why these wheels?5:43 Mounting the Quattro R frames6:21 Mounting the powerstraps8:42 Cutting straps to size11:00 Olga mounting Quattro R frames11:44 Narek’s Superleggera SP setup15:00 Skating15:41 Nareks first impressions on his new setup