Lilla Vargen – Why Wait (Albert Hooi)

Albert HooiLilla Vargen – Why Wait
from Albert Hooi on 9 Sep 2019

We shot this piece over the course of 7 days in Dublin last year. I was very fortunate to get a chance to work with a team of really talented artists on this project. I hope we dealt with the sensitive subject matter in a respectful way.

This year has seen record numbers of people (10,000+) living in emergency accommodation or sleeping rough in Ireland.

Director: TJ O’Grady Peyton
Cinematographer: Albert Hooi
Film print: Cinelab London
Animation Director: Joe Ridout
Producer: Aaron McEnaney
Editor: John O Connor
Sound Design: James Latimer
Sound Recordist: Rob Moore
Post House: Windmill Lane
Record Label: FutureKind and Ben Paterrson

Ana.Projects worked directly with us on a 35mm print of the offline edit to create a number of animations. They scratched into the film emulsion before filling the lines with different coloured inks, playing with the captured footage to bring certain shots new life

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