SkatefreshAshaMeet the Skatefresh Team: Hughie. London’s full time instructor, now with Skatefresh 10 years.
from SkatefreshAsha on 10 Feb 2022

Skatefresh has always been about providing the best skating instruction, whereby anyone who comes to us wanting to skate will do so safely and in a controlled and fun way. Our instructor team are all certified and insured but we continue to develop with in-house training and sharing our ideas to continually improve.Hugh has been with us for ten years and he teaches in London full time. He delivers our in-school programs and can be found most days by the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. Hugh is also an avid slalom and freestyle skater with his own impressive, calm, no-fuss flows. While Skatefresh was closed for group classes during the pandemic lockdowns, Hugh continued delivering private lessons to adults, children and families. This uninterrupted two wheel flow blows my mind! Way to go Hugh. Contact us at if you’d like to organise a lesson with Hughie.Who is Asha Skatefresh? Powerslide Brand Ambassador (since 2011) Skate Coach for BBC and Disney’s “Soy Luna” Champion quads figure skater who represented Great Britain internationally. Founder of (since 2000) Skating for 36 years Teaching inlines and quads for 21 years 342 Instructors Certified worldwide (with ICP)Are you desperate to get better at skating? Let Asha help you for FREE.Get Instant, FREE, lifetime access to several Video Course Trials today from Asha’s extensive range of professionally shot and edited Video Trainings.BEGINNER QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAININGSAre you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt?Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step, easy to follow program?1. Static Preparations + Basic Movement (Quads)How To Quad /Roller Skate – All Visual Course – Beginner | Skatefresh…INTERMEDIATE QUADS – FREE VIDEO TRAININGHave you hit a wall in your progress?Having trouble stopping? Every Quaddie needs a T!2. T-StopHow To Quad /Roller Skate – All Visual Course – Beginner | Skatefresh…YOGA FOR SKATERSGetting aches and pains during or after skating? Maybe you need to be adding some stretching to your skate practice.Grab your FREE 7min pre-post skate stretch video class here;3. Yoga For Skaters | SkatefreshFor lessons in the UK visit us at Skate Lessons London | Inline Skate Tuition | SkatefreshFollow Asha and Skatefresh on social media: Facebook: Skatefresh AshaInstagram: is sponsored by Powerslide and Chaya.Video footage and edit: @skaterstu_brightonskate#powerslidebrand #powerslideskates #powerslideevo #techniqueiseverything #techniqueovertalent #skateclass #welovetoskate #womenwhoskate #training #flow #flowskating #flowmotion #skatefam #skatesundays #tbt