Melissa Brown – A Girl And Her Passion – Aggressive Inline Skating 2017 – Bladie Compilation (SkaMiDan’s Skating School [Main Channel])

Melissa Brown – A Girl And Her Passion – Aggressive Inline Skating 2017 – Bladie Compilation
from SkaMiDan’s Skating School [Main Channel] on 13 Jul 2017

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► This is a compilation about “Melissa Brown” aka “Mellybladie”.
– Melissa started skating when she was 15/16 years old. She skated for a few years then she had stopped skating for another 5 years. She got back into skating in 2012. Went in and out of skating periods due to injuries.
– Before she had quit skating she had fallen down 20 stairs trying to do a rail. She splits her knee open and dislocated her thumb. Also when she started skating again she had gone through 18 shoulder dislocations in a 2 year period then proceeded to have surgery on her shoulder.
– She loves to skate because it’s fun. When she started skating again she vowed she would never quit ever again. She wants to be a 100 year old doing back farvs! Also skating is why she pushes herself to travel. She loves meeting people from all over the world.
She gets to travel and feels like she has a large blade family. Blading is just fun, now she has a passion to promote females in rollerblading so that’s what she’s always working on.

Filmed By Mery Muñoz and others.

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