Scamp and ShredMONTANA EP.2| Scoot & Boot
from Scamp and Shred on 8 Aug 2020

After experiencing Alberton Skatepark and town we couldnt help but stay a few more days! We ended up camping right outside the skatepark and had an awesome morning session when we woke up! It was hard to leave Alberton, but we were excited to meet up with Vinces uncle at his lake cabin. We had a great time jet skiing, paddle boarding, and four wheeling around the lake! While were were there, we saw that Evergreen had opened another Skatepark in Lincoln, which was only 50 minutes away from the cabin. We took a day trip down to the skatepark and had a killer shred with all the locals!Evergreen makes some amazing skateparks and we are grateful to have the opportunity to ride them! Thanks to the Lincoln locals for making our trip and time at the Skatepark that much better!Love- Scoot, Boot, Milo & PoiPoi Be sure to subscribe to see where our wheels take us next! Follow us on Instagram- @adventuresofscootandboot