Moonshine UHMWMoonshine Twisted Team Wheels – Aggressive x Quad
from Moonshine UHMW on 3 Apr 2024

To show our equal support of both rollerblading and rollerskating, we are proud to be releasing two twin team wheels. Were calling these our Twisted team wheels. Both share the same color and graphic which symbolizes the solidarity between our intertwined communities. In an on going effort to bring our customers the best products, we’ve moved production to a new factory and these are our first urethane wheels that are made in America, Texas to be exact. The Aggressive wheels are made from the industrys highest quality urethane in a 55mm diameter and 92a hardness. Their square profile provides a wide rolling surface for stability and minimizes washing out due to thicker frame walls touching upon turning or a landing with bent ankles. Their small diameter makes them ideal for skating flat in frames like Create Originals and cuts down on the possibility of wheel bite. The Quad wheels are made from the industrys highest quality urethane in a 53mm diameter and 101a hardness. Making them ideal for street skating and cement parks. They have a symmetrical profile with a conical edge. They are specifically designed for wide trucks and provide excellent grip while rolling yet allow for less wheel bite on grinds. The wheels are available in an optional Plastic Mason Jar featuring our metal inspired Lorna Shine logo with a water tight lid.Support your favorite Moonshine team rider by entering in their first name in the promo code box at checkout. They will receive 10% of the profits from every order that uses their code. “ALLI””DENNIS””GREGORY””JEREMY””KAY”or “STEPHEN” You can also find our products at: United States:Inline WarehouseIntuition Skate ShopKnight SkateNickel and Dime LA Roller Warehouse Australia: Rampant Skate ShopUnited Kingdom:Loco Skates