Nebraska Leftovers

Tyriek GibsonNebraska Leftovers
from Tyriek Gibson on 2 Jun 2013

The edit was thrown together in about 8 hrs last night, its basically a bunch of clips that i haven’t used thats been sitting on my hard drive. I wanted to finish it before I TDY. I wanted to have something to keep me hype while im out there. I didn’t color correct it at all, maybe when i get back ill do all that noise. There are some more rollerbladers that i didn’t have enough clips of that are not in this. (Namely Kevin, Corey, and Dan) Here you go its not that great but what ever these are my bros.

Tyriek Gibson, AJ Keane, Robert Mauk, Dustin Dieter, Kenton Angerman, Russell Reedy, Hugo, Greg Banny

Tyriek Gibson

Mount Kimbie/Crooks & Lovers/ Before I move off

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