Nick Lomax chargin’ – UBC Commuter backpack & Solar Source (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesNick Lomax chargin’ – UBC Commuter backpack & Solar Source
from Powerslide Inline skates on 28 Sep 2019

Charge your way through the streets with Nick Lomax. He uses the UBC Backpack + solar source on the roll with his USD Aeon 80 skates.
Nick Lomax chargin’ – Powerslide UBC commuter backpack & Solar Source

Powerslide UBC Solar source – A bag not only storing but also charging all your favorite connecting devices using it’s integrated solar panel and environmentally friendly solar energy. Attach it to any bag and put your smart phones, tables or power-packs inside to protect and charge them. Use natural sun energy to charge your smart items and connect not only bags but yourself to the world. 5 Watt power. This item will charge electronic devices until 5W.

Powerslide UBC Solar Source – 907073

The universal bag concept (UBC) is a unique concept for skaters, athletes and action sports stars to travel around the globe on their next mission or conquest. The base bags and trolleys are designed to attach multiple accessory components, which are purpose built for all the gear you need, skates, helmets, protective, tools and toys, shoes, wheels and more. Unique strong and resistant materials, state of the art designs, outstanding quality and look, customizable options and the added on functionality are making this line the talk of the town or better World Wide Web.

Designed for and by skaters, but having other sport functions like running, cycling, triathlon in mind too, so will fit for any active sports people.

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