Harrie NoProNoPro Bear Rising shirt release!
from Harrie NoPro on 4 Feb 2023

Weirdest party we are ever going to have right hereReleasing a shirt to “celebrate” our HousefireOfcourse it is more about trying to make something good from al the bad and I hope you appreciate.On Oktober 31st 2021 we had a big fire in our house.We have been working our asses off to get on with it but right now we are in a 100.000 Euro shaped hole we want to dig out from.Sounded like a good idea to make a t-shirtI will be bringing the shirts to Winterclash in case anyone wants one that’s the place to get oneThe song at the end was made by Marius and myself The footage at the end is what we walked in to after the fire.As I only had a phone I have no better images from that time.#housefire #noprogress #noproces #noprofit #noproblem #noprobearrising #thebearwilllive #bear #house #rebuilding #noproskates