taktikavideoOG Scooter rider Roberts – Taktika.lv PRO Scooters team – Whip Fs Boardslide – Spotcenter skeitpark
from taktikavideo on 24 Feb 2024

Taktika.lv PRO Scooters Team rider and one of Latvias OGs scooter rider Roberts – @roberts_a_ Shredding at the @thespotcenter skatepark with some heavy bangers Like Whip Fs Boardslide and Fakie Feeble to Fs Feeble 360 out Just unbelievableYour specialized PRO Scooters shop – Taktika.lv instagram @roberts_a_instagram @taktikalvtiktok @Taktikalv_officialScooter shop Taktika.lv Aleksandra aka 54, Rga | www.taktika.lvSpecializts veikals Taktika.lv, Aleksandra aka 54, Rg | www.taktika.lv