On Rollerblade from Asia to Europe (AuthenticRollerblade)

AuthenticRollerbladeOn Rollerblade from Asia to Europe
from AuthenticRollerblade on 8 Jan 2016


29-Year-old Yincai Luo from Chengdu China is travelling more than 10.000 KM on his Rollerblade skates. Yincai has done amazing trips in skates before: He skated from China to Tibet in 2011 and he skated from China to Nepal in 2014. It is easy to say he is no stranger to challenging travels on skates. Sven Boekhorst spoke to Yincai in Amsterdam; he had experienced some troubles along the way and needed some help.

Some facts about his travels:
– Yincai is skating with a 20kg backpack
– He got robbed in Lithuania
– Several tickets and fines for skating on highways
– Yincai got hit by cars a couple of times, but he’s still fine!
– 1 Year of preparations, especially getting al the Visas
– Trip will take 8 months
– Yinca started on August 26th 2015

Look at his first video in Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqD1b4uPhQU

Video by: Axel v. Dijk

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