Montre LivingstonParkour In Spain with Montre Livingston Pt.1
from Montre Livingston on 20 Apr 2023

What’s up world, your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here with another awesome video! So, I recently got in to Parkour and I have to say, it’s truly amazing and an incredible experience. It’s great for the mind and the body. A tremendous workout with awesome results and super fun.This is part one of a vlog I made from my recent trip to Malaga Spain. I hope you all dig the vid and stay tuned for part 2 coming in the next days.Cheers and happy shredding folks!!!DO NOT TRY TO ATTEMPT ANY OF THE STUNTS YOU SEE PERFORMED ON THIS VIDEO. THE VIDEO MAKER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES YOU MAY AQUIRE!