sebahighPierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro’ in INDIA
from sebahigh on 23 Aug 2013

INDIA’ Where else ?One year after the success of our first video in Shanghai, Pierre Lelievre and myself “Anthony Finocchiaro” decided to find adventure around in a much more exotic place.. INDIA !We landed in Delhi but with the clear intention to visit the country as much as we could.For ten days in India, we had the intention to find a way of transport to escape from the big city and mix with the local population, the real one !!! We planned to take a great life lesson and also share our love of the inline skating, roll on virgin spots and learn skating to the young generation.Two days in Delhi was almost enough for us to skate most of the city … Cosmopolitan population shortly shared the info that two crazy Frenchies were inline skating through the streets jumping all the obstacles and catch the tuktuks. It was fun to hear people saying to use “Nice shoes ” speaking about our skates, but every time was a challenge for us to explain what is ” inline ” and what we do here, as we had many questions from curious people.After some research we decided to rent a motorcycle and go to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, it was a 200 km road trip between the two cities, which is not really not much in Europe … But here 200km bike that can quickly turn into a 6/7 hours drive, which was ideal for us to make a few more stops through different cities. So we took the time to stop in beautiful spots where we shared moments with Elephants , snake charmers or cricket players.We arrived late in Agra but we we still headed straight to the Taj Mahal where our first meeting has been with a tribe of stealing monkeys who tried to ride our bike and wear our helmets… After fighting this crazy monkeys we fully enjoyed a beautiful sunset under the walls of Taj in the company of military guards who were amused to see two tourists a bit like no other, and laughed to hear us saying that we came straight from Delhi with our destroyed motorcycle … haha.We spent a total of two days in this beautiful city, made incredible encounters and especially memorable sessions but also left a few pieces of our famous motorcycle after a spectacular crash. We managed to land safely but the bike lost its first and second gear … so you can imagine what it may look like to start from Zero with the third gear…Back to Delhi we lost our third gear so it was really hard to continue to tour with this lethal weapon in the middle of the jungle road, so we decided to give back this broken shit and continue to end this journey by skitching cars, tuktuk or even camels, but always making extraordinary meetings with inlines on our feet!For this trip we used both the SEBA FR1 Orange & Blue customized way FR-A by adding the soulplate, and the new SEBA Street Invaders wheels which really passed the test on this very difficult grounds.For amateur or Pro skater, this skate skate was more than ideal for this safari trip. THANKS SEBA Skates and thanks everyone who made this trip so special, I hope to feed back and show these pictures to as much people as possible!Also thank you Pierre for being always on top, this is just the beginning of our adventure ..THANK YOUSKATE:Anthony – FR1 Blue, Kit color Bluen Soulplate and Street invaders Weels 80mm -Pierre – FR1 Orange, Kit color Orange, Soulplate and Street invaders Weels 80mm -FILM:Directed By – Anthony FINOCCHIARO -CAMERA:- 5DMKII, 7DMUSIC:- Ravi Shankar