Powerslide Off-Road SUV 125mm frame set – Powerslide Speaking Specs (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Off-Road SUV 125mm frame set – Powerslide Speaking Specs
from Powerslide Inline skates on 16 Sep 2018

Powerslide SUV 125mm off road frame set – Powerslide Speaking Specs – 908241
Powerslide SUV 125 frame – feel home on and off road. You want to try off road skating? Switching to the SUV 125 frame set is easy. Just check if your skate fits the 165mm mounting standard and off you go! The SUV 125 frame is approved since years. You can find this frame on a range of Powerslide SUV skates like the Vi, Metropolis or Imperial. This super sturdy frame is made of 6061 aircraft aluminum is very reactive and easy to handle. SUV frames also offers the well known X-slot mounting system which allows you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame from both side to side plus forwards and backwards. It´s perfectly suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. But also fitness enthusiasts can enjoy this great setup by some exhausting full body skating workout sessions to add variety to your training routine.

Speaking Specs – a new series of detailed information tutorials by Powerslide´s very own product development department with Matthias Knoll, Scott Arlidge & Jürgen Pfitzner. Tune in for endless tech infos on literally all new Powerslide products. Have a look at the Speaking Specs playlist at: https://goo.gl/X96hTa Powerslide – we love to skate!

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