Powerslide Phuzion Argon 110 Fitness Inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Phuzion Argon 110 Fitness Inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 10 Jan 2020

Powerslide Phuzion Argon Ash 110 & Argon Cloud 110 Fitness Inline skates – Speaking Specs – 940656 940657

The Powerslide PHUZION Argon 110 is a Fitness inline skate inspired by retro style of trainers from the 90s but infused with the latest technologies. The new upper hugs your foot and ensures a snug fit on every stride, giving the support needed for the perfect skating experience while the updated TRINITY X mounting system provides a stable platform that improves power transfer, reduces vibrations and creates a super low center of gravity for more and better balance.
The Argon is made for those looking for performance, comfort and style. In the mood for Phuzion.
The new Phuzion Argon Series is a clear winner. The best performing and fitting skate has clearly raised its ambitions to be a stand alone Sports Style skate. From the powerful Elite casted aluminum frame to the new intelligent TRINITY X mounting construction, which boasts performance yet looks elegant to create the beautiful silhouette of a perfect Triskate. It’s noticeable in every angle that a love for detail and passion for skating went into this new skate design to discover the new benchmark for modern skate style.
More Phuzion at: https://www.powerslide.com/Phuzion

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