Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Rollerobics Special – BCN Sports day 2018
from Powerslide Inline skates on 31 Dec 2018

Powerslide Rollerobics Special – BCN Sports day 2018
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In this skating video you can see what happend on Barcelonas Sports day in collaboration with Nike and Powerslide Swell skates. Rollerobics is the fun and challenging way to energize your inline skating workout.
Inline skating is already a great total body workout, thanks to training the cardio system, strength training, and also co-ordination, but with the introduction of the rollerobics work outs we have a created a series of exercises which are designed to burn even more calories, and shape more muscles than ever before. And the best part? These are best done on your inline skates, and you don’t need to remove your skates to conquer them.

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ROLLEROBICS – Inline skating aerobic workout by Powerslide Inline Skates

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