Powerslide Tau 110 skates with Sam Crofts (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesPowerslide Tau 110 skates with Sam Crofts
from Powerslide Inline skates on 6 Sep 2019

Powerslide Tau 110 freeskate inline skates with Sam Crofts – 908279 908266 https://www.powerslide.com/Powerslide-Tau-90 – Follow Sam Crofts along Londons most brutal Brutalism architecture spots you can imagine in the all new 2019 Powerlside Tau skates, customized by Sam with his 110mm signature UC pro wheel & a Trinity 3x110mm frame.
Shot & cut by Tom Sharman.

Create your own skate with the Tau, Powerslide´s flagship freestyle carbon boot. Thanks to TRINITY mounting you have endless options to set up the skate of your dreams. Want to try SUV skating? Are looking for a longer frame for your daily workout to get fit for a marathon? Or do you want a short and agile Triskate setup to crash the city? Nothing is impossible! The Tau is the first heat moldable boot based on a compression molded carbon shell. This light weight boot scores with comfort. The new multi-layer padding construction consists of our new SPC and memory fit foam providing a snug and great fit. A durable PU-leather gives you all support you need. Create the skate which suits you best or be flexible and switch between disciplines by adding a second frame setup to your skate. It´s all up to you to maximize your fun on wheels.

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