BLADING on The BrainPretending to be Randy Spizer – Trying to learn topsoul to true soul on the backyard mini ramp
from BLADING on The Brain on 5 Dec 2020

I have been a fan, friends and grom for Randy Spizer since day 1 of skating, in fact I still own a pair of Crayolas. Today I tried to be Randy Spizer and do his infamous top soul to true soul switchup on my Back yard miniramp. This week I came out with 3 objectives – watch to see if I was successful and as always comment below – Also a special moment of silent respect for Linda Kay Caldcleught and the big homie Biiz’s family. 0:00 – Intro0:27 : Quick Merced interlude0:52 – My Three Objectives for today! 4:36 – First Tries at the Randy Spizer Switchup6:42 – Trying Switch AO Soul7:33 – Flow Session8:55 – Quick Reflection10:00 – Back to flowing11:55 – Final thoughtsGet yourself some Blading on the Brain Gear here: out Back To Blading – subscribe, like, and comment below. I really enjoy the comments and would appreciate hearing your voice. My Current Skate Setup:Adapt Russel Day Stealth – Superfast 60mm Wheels – Aluminum Frame – is filmed entirely with my GoPro Hero 8Thank you to Chris Bjerre for the intro animation. you can check his work at you to Uranus for the use of the track money trainYou can find more of his work here injury brain injury documentary TBI stories, TBI recovery stories,