Intuition SkateShopProximity (2000) – Northway, Rachard, Stockwell #rollerblading
from Intuition SkateShop on 5 Apr 2022

Shop & score skates today at / 22 yrs and rolling!Intuition presents the essential ‘Proximity’ (circa Summer 2000). Introducing Ryan Northway, Rachard Johnson, Jeff Stockwell, and featuring Josh Letona. This underground classic was released on just 100 VHS copies, dubbed one at a time by Matt Mickey, and established Intuition Skate Shop as a destination and a movement within rollerblading. Sit back and reminisce, or get hyped on seeing your heroes’ blading origins for the first time, as Intuition’s ‘Proximity’ brings you back to something that has been there all along – rollerblading.Also featuring Jochen Smuda, Jona Messerli, Aaron Feinberg, Dustin Latimer, Chris Haffey, Jaren Grob, Nikolas Belka, Wilfred Rossignol, Reto Burgin, Siddi Hussman, Sandro Brun, Billy Reese, Jeff Destefani, Jeff Girard, Gabe Kyzer, Rob Thompson, Ian Brown, Justin Buchanan, Aaron Dizon, Apollo Baldoz, Alan Idolyantes, Tyler Moolhook, Patrick Studer, Axel Dunnwald, Matt Mickey, Benny Harmanus, Dominik Wagner, Bruno Lowe, Brett Well, Izzy Lopez, Hoang Phung many more.Shot on location in California, Switzerland, Germany, France, and England.Filmed, Directed, and Edited by: Matt MickeyIntuition Archives Executive Director: Drew BloodFollow: #skating #inline