Razors Skate Co.RAZORS TAPES 2.4.10
from Razors Skate Co. on 15 Jul 2014

So, some of the RAZORS team are currently travelling around Europe on a skate frenzied adventure.
Here is a load of random clips and a load of banging tricks for you lot to feast your eyes on from the lads smashing it up in Germany….and 1 short stop in Prague….and a little summer clash too.
Big thanks to Marco for being a generally sick guy and hooking everything up!
Big up Buck for being a G!
Big up Darling Cabaret….haha!

Yuri Botelho
Josh Glowicki
Jon Fromm
Carson Starnes
Alex Burston
Scott Quinn
and James Bower with a little hit.

Filmed By Alex Burston, Josh Glowiki, Carson Starnes Scott Quinn and one clip filmed by Connaire Skerritt.

Edited by Alex Burston

Camera, Old one.