Real Street 2016 | Amsterdam Blading (Jeff Hofstede)

Jeff HofstedeReal Street 2016 | Amsterdam Blading
from Jeff Hofstede on 2 May 2016

This year Real Street was back in Amsterdam after 3 years, and it was such a great contest, and the vibe was again amazing. This event was organized by Ivo Vegter from Thisissoul skateshop and Davy Wouda, thank you so much for this event. sponserd by Thisissoul, Smart, Xperia, T-mobile and the urban sports week Amsterdam 2016.

Main camera by Jeff Hofstede
Additional camera work by Mike rood
Chopped & Glued by Jeff Hofstede

Results –

1. Sam Crofts
2. Dustin Werbeski
3. Rik van huik

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