HedonskateREMINDER ft. Piotr Gbyl
from Hedonskate on 15 Apr 2023

#hedonskate #roces #reminder Piotr Gbyl (19) presents his street part called ‘Reminder’. Filmed over last season , trying to catch some carefree fun while making the memories with the best friends.. Skating Roces 5th element trough Polish and Spanish streets.Tracks :Off My Shoulder, Crime of PassingCat season – iwishididntexistrightnowEditing: Piotr GbylCamera: Olaf onaPatryk PilchEryk PilchKrystian Zarzeczny Jakub Dudy Seba Dzbik Daniel Jurzyna Mikolaj LipszynskiLooking for skates?Shop here: https://www.hedonskate.com/c/skates-1Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hedonskate?sub_confirmation=1