Flying Eagle SkatesRicardo Lino testing the NEW FLYING EAGLE X5D in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and France
from Flying Eagle Skates on 11 Sep 2023

We’ve sent a pair of our NEW FLYING EAGLE X5D to @RicardoLino for testing and he took them on a European Trip, Leaving Lisbon, Portugal, to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Ravensburg in Germany, Dornbirn in Austria and Paris in France We think our urban skates passed the test, don’t you agree?The Flying Eagle X5 is NOW AVAILABLE in 2 colorways, Shadow or Pink, and 3 different wheel/Frame Configurations:- X5D (Duo): 4x84mm (sizes 36-40) or 4x90mm (sizes 41-46) wheels on a Mellow rockered configuration (stock) and Flat 3 x 100mm wheels on a Flat configuration .- X5F (Four): 4x76mm (sizes 36-40) or 4x80mm (sizes 41-46) wheels on a rockerable Frame (231 or 243mm).- X5T (Three): 3 x 110mm wheels on a Flat 249mm Frame.Contact your Flying Eagle dealer Today