Tom MoyseRollerblade Awards 2023 – Who Were The Best Inline Skaters
from Tom Moyse on 21 Jan 2024

Rollerblading had a brilliant year in 2023. There was loads of amazing skating videos, a ruck of top level competitions attracting the best rollerbladers from across the world, NBD tricks, lots of new skates, lots of incredible moments and its time to celebrate those who made it a wonderful year.In this video we will be looking at the best competition skaters, the best female skater of the year, who did the best never been done trick, who is the most stylish skater, the best looking rollerblades, the ugliest looking skates, the best crew video and loads more.If you’d like to see the channel continue: All support it greatly appreciated.Become a member: some Merchandise: the Patreon donations and more: up some Muzzle merch video was getting very long so its been split into two parts 00:00 rollerblading award 202300:42 Best park and competition Skater – Master Splinter Park Rat Award02:12 Air miles award most travelled rollerblader02:34 Best Junior inline skater03:11 Total Recall Best Skate Face03:41 Most Stylish Rollerblader04:54 Best Moustache05:36 Best Street Skater07:36 Best knot for you skate laces08:08 Best Crew Video in aggressive inline skating09:58 Biggest Lie told in rollerblading12:16 Best Snack while out rollerblading13:00 Best Female skater13:44 Best looking rollerblade15:08 Ugliest rollerblades16:48 Best NBD – Never been done trick18:27 Best Fit 19:38 Worst Fit21:37 Awful Music