Tom MoyseRollerblader Nearly KILLED for using WAX, Abibas Braingod, Joe Atkinson on THEM SKATES, Blading CUP
from Tom Moyse on 10 Jan 2024

Professional Rollerblader Michel Prado and Gawds put out a documentary all about an incident that changed his life and nearly resulted in his death.There has been loads of rollerblading videos and contents dropping we are spoilt for choice. Could some of the videos have swayed the inline skater of the year vote? Will it be Sean Kelso, Julien Cudot, Colin Kelso or Eugen Enin?If you’d like to see the channel continue: All support it greatly appreciated.Become a member: some Merchandise: the Patreon donations and more: up some Muzzle merch will be coving all the new edits, from Sean, Colin and Eugen plus the next level Brained video from Abbas.Joe Atkinson got people chatting by posting a video of him wearing THEM SKATES, do you think he could join that team. Wizard skating started the year by dropping two new skates teaming up fir FR on the Wizard Base and Base High.The blading cup 2024 date have been announced and they are hosting on in Asia. Ilia Savosin tried to match Noboru Katayama and tried to get me involved as well. 00:00 Alright 00:30 Colin Kelso and Sean Kelso – Have they won SOTY02:34 Riding Flat vs Anti Rocker with no anti rockers AKA Caveman freestyle03:38 Is Joe Atkinson about to join THEM SKATES?04:08 Blading Cup 2024 Asia04:38 New Wizard Skates Base and Base High06:11 Martin Danning Mesmer Skates06:49 Jun Shoha another amazing Japanese Skater07:35 Ilia Savosin vs Noboru Katayama and Ilia calls out me?08:17 Roces Come on edit with Yuto Goto and Nils Jansons09:24 Michel Prado attacked for wax a coping 10:29 Richard Johnson and Demetrios George doing hammers11:05 Abibas Braingod 13:21 The importance of full length rollerblading videos 14:20 Vibralux x Tien Nguyen Time Flies15:06 Rollerblading awards 202315:41 Whats Brewing and Billy Murtons new YouTube series 16:21 Eugen Enin No Name edit USD skatesThe Rebirth of Michel Prado – Documentary Links soon..