Tom MoyseRollerblading Violation? Bitter Cold Showdown Back? Nils Jansons New Sponsor, Dominic Sagona Street
from Tom Moyse on 20 Aug 2022

Is Bitter Cold Showdown coming back and how do you rate it as a rollerblading competition?Has there been a skating claim violation?Nils Jansons picks up new sponsors.All this and more rollerblading news.New merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: ALRIGHTBitter Cold Showdown Competition Coming Back? Sagona Skating Street of Rollerblading: Jansons Sponsors Bird Picture – Secret project? trick claim violationPowerslide Next No War Promo: Corfts Pro USD Aeon Skate Rollas London Jam – Special Guests Originals x Them Skates Dog MerchNicolas Auroux Pro Razors SL and Knees are these?Mesmer RV There Yet ?! SKATES presents : DEAR AUDREY Paz – By The Slice HORNISH – FAREWELL PINK (2022) sessions in mashhad iran – Siavash Sohrabi Garrido Welcome Edit Street Podcast JP Butter TV PatreonsSPOTTY DOG