Tom MoyseRollerblading will never come back – YOUR HOT TAKES
from Tom Moyse on 27 Sep 2023

There has been a lot happening in the world of rollerblading recently and weve got a lot of history behind us now, meaning things have changed lots but people dont think its all for the better. You gave your hot takes on rollerblading and Ive given my take back.This channel runs on your support, which is much appreciated. You can support the channel:Become a member: Merchandise: the Patreon Aggressive rollerblading will never comeback? Do we copy skateboarding too much. Why is in rollerblading so expensive and why is it all pre-orders? Are girls getting better thanks the boys sat skating and are rollerbladers only cool to other rollerbladers.00:00 inline skates you can take off instantly01:45 Aggressive inline skating is better than wizard skating02:38 Rollerbladers are only cool to other rollerbladers04:32 Oysi frames are cheat frames05:07 Need more celebrations after tricks07:23 Simple inline skating tricks are good08:57 We need more unique tricks – Bacemint x Them Skates?11:59 skating lacks style and we talk too much about culture14:03 Aggressive rollerblading will never have a comeback 15:53 Girls are getting better than boys at rollerblading18:30 skates are too expensive 20:11 Edits have too much zooming in 21:34 We copy skateboarding too much24:04 Pre-orders are annoying – why do brands do it26:43 ABDs are dumb 29:20 Support skater owned brands – but they are all skater ownedOriginal thumbnail image Austin PazHornish Pro Inline Skate Wheel