Ruben Smulders Profile 2017 (Ruben Smulders)

Ruben SmuldersRuben Smulders Profile 2017
from Ruben Smulders on 29 Mar 2018

In the lasy year I’ve had a struggle with on going injuries. Both my ankle and groin annoyed me. I had to do the right excersises to get over it, and eventually it worked. So I feel fit to skate more street this upcomming summer. and even if you imagine most of the tricks were done while dealing with injury I’m still kind of proud to present to you the fun and adventures I had over the last year. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Thanks to my sponsors Razors skates co and Waalhalla skatepark for believing in me and supporting the things i do.

Behind the camera, Davie Nijenbrink, Willem Heijmans, Jeroen Theunissen, Ryan Claus, Aaron Zwaal, Sep Schuurman, Joery vd Pol, Bas Berghuis, Bert Smit, Mitch, Reint vd Vegt, and Ruben Smulders

Musis by Psix

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